Dental Equipment Sterilization Offered in Russel Lea

Infection control is of the highest importance to us.

Being a modern and safe dental practice, Jags Dental strictly adheres to recommended infection control protocols based upon guidelines set by the Australian Dental Association.

Our infection control protocols include:

•             Infection control management

•             Sharps management

•             Glove, mask and bib management

•             Potentially contaminated spills management

•             Accidental injury and reporting

•             Pre- and post- procedure, daily, and weekly cleaning

•             Sterilizing room management

•             Sterilization of instruments/equipment at Australian standards

•             Use of chemical agents

•             Vaccination Policy

Each member of our team receives supervised training in all protocols and procedures and adheres to these protocols at all times. In-service training to update infection control protocols and procedures are carried out regularly.

Should you have any concerns regarding our infection control please contact us on (02) 9712 0823