Nursing Home Visits

Here at Jags Dental, we offer Nursing Home visits to our local area.

More aged care residents have their natural teeth, and the onset of primary oral health problems can take place well before an older person moves into residential aged care, with changes due to medication causing dryness in the mouth.

As part of our commitment to the community, we travel out to the elderly who are unable to make it in to see us. Some of these are our existing patients, but most have not been seen before entering full-time residential care.

Of course, we cannot carry out very complex treatments in Nursing Homes, but the more common procedures we provide are:

  • General preventive oral hygiene services – examinations, cleaning and fluoride
  • Denture work –providing new dentures, relining, labeling and repairing existing dentures
  • Tooth extractions – for straightforward removals
  • Fillings – simple fillings on exposed surfaces
  • Advice on oral care
  • Hygiene maintenance