Fear of pain, complex dental problems, extremely sensitive teeth, or a traumatic dental history are all major reasons why some patients avoid visiting their dentist.
At Jags Dental, we understand these concerns and offer pain-relief and sedation dentistry options to help make our procedures comfortable for even the most anxious patients. This ensures that all our patients stay up to date with their dental assessments and receive the care they need to maintain optimal oral health.

Oral sedation is an affordable and non-invasive method of providing dental patients a treatment process that is both comfortable and safe. It involves the use of sleep inducing medications – both short and long acting types, administered about one hour before the dental treatment. Compared to over-the-counter sedatives or sleeping pills, these professionally-dispensed medications tend to be more potent and provide a significant level of amnesia.

Given this method of sedation is able to induce moderate to heavy sedation, you will be requested to bring a responsible person over the age of 18 to attend with you and to drive you home. You will be asked not to operate any machinery or drive for 24 hours post procedure.

This form of sedation involves ingesting a tablet, which may cause you an amnesic effect. You will feel relaxed, drowsy, able to follow simple commends but may not recall any events the following day. This form of sedation is safe and has assisted many patients with dental anxiety or phobias to have dental treatment.

Depending on treatment to be performed and your health care needs it is possible to have a range of treatment in one visit. This will be discussed with you prior to treatment commencing.

The other option is to have IV Sedation performed by a registered dental practitioner in the practice. It is common to have IV Sedation when having extensive dental treatment and especially for patients that are extremely stressed about dental treatment. Again you will be accessed for suitability.